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Beyond Motherhood is the home of luxury experiences with elevated support for mothers.


Women who have had a successful career before entering motherhood can now reach the gateway to self-realisation and redefine their identity. 

During our luxury experiences, mothers find a safe space to pause, breathe, and grow fulfilling their limitless potential, whilst forging their legacy for the future generation. 

Who is Mara


Mara Kazantzaki is The Motherhood Architect and the founder of Beyond Motherhood. 

Mara is the best in the world at elevating women's experience of motherhood, guiding them to uncover their essence, their soul, and inner compass.


A highly successful corporate professional, she realised that the world of motherhood was not being elevated for those who have been successful in their professional life. 

Mara took it into her own hands and is now inspiring women to break free from the traditional notion of motherhood and change the way mothers are being supported. 

With a background in Psychology and Communications blended with the highest level of Yoga Education, Mara founded Beyond Motherhood, the place where mothers are free to safely pause, breathe, tap into their inner core, and redefine their identity.

Mara lives with her husband and their two boys in a leafy part of North London, UK.

"If you haven’t experienced Mara yet, you are delaying access to a phenomenal being"

"Mara Kazantzaki is the epitome of calm, stretched out and wrapped in a warm smile that exudes strength, vulnerability, and resourcefulness.


As a storyteller, her words can envelop you and bring you into her experience as if you were with her the moment each element occurred.


As an expert, you feel her power and her patience as she creates ways to share ideas, solutions, and encouragement exactly as you need to receive it.


If you haven’t experienced Mara yet, you are delaying access to a phenomenal being."


Naketa Ren Thigpen

Balance (and) Relationship Advisor 

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