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Forge your Legacy

For the intelligent and brilliant woman, with a success story, who is now a mother. 

AW Collection

You are ready to break free from the traditional notion of parenthood and elevate your motherhood experience.

You are ready to continue being the best mother you can be, whilst gaining freedom to unleash your genius into the world.

Going deep to uncover your core self...

Inner Core

The one you thought you left behind.

Inner Core

Getting in touch with your essence...

Attuning your mental and spiritual/emotional qualities with your physical essence.


Creating your personalised sense of harmony...

Establish natural rhythms and organic flow, from self to family living and beyond.

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"We met an angel on the plane"

"We are telling everyone that we met an angel on the plane. If you could do that for us in 4 hours, imagine how many lives you can transform with the Beyond Motherhood movement."

Stephanie met Mara, the Founder of Beyond Motherhood during a flight. During that time she supported the family during a difficult time. 

Stephanie's and her family's life changed after that. Her relationship with her daughter had a turning point, achieving a wonderful connection. 

She said that she is a happy mother now, and her daughter is happy, and as a result the whole family overall.



Entrepreneur, Mother of two

Discover the magic of personalised Wellness, to uncover your true essence and elevate your Unique Presence...

A presence which reflects your authentic self, so you are empowered to create the impact you are destined to create, living fully aligned with your purpose and potential.
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