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You are Invited 


Celebrating our first-ever Wellness & Well-being community launch

Join our free virtual  launch

Thursday, 4th August 2022

UK: 3-8 PM

NY: 10 AM - 3 PM

LA: 7 AM - 12 PM

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Join us and our incredible guests and authorities in their field, as we are opening our doors to Oasis, our first ever Wellness & Well-being community for mums. 


With the most nourishing, experiential virtual retreat for the body and soul, you will enjoy a slice of Beyond Motherhood's paradise, including modalities such as yoga, somatic practices, meditations, and breath work.


For the first time available to the public

an Oasis

Discover the energetic processes that allow Mara and the Beyond Motherhood team to elevate women’s experiences of motherhood, guiding them to uncover their essence, their soul and inner compass

The Experience

You deserve to recalibrate, recharge, and reconnect with your identity

"Mara asks the tough questions and is very reflective.  It really created space for me to take a pause and appreciate all that I had gone through and where I was at in that moment. Thank you for this Mara..."


Our mission

... is to reach and support

ONE MILLION mothers in their wellness journey, globally,

by 2024

Creating a safe space where mothers can pause, guilt-free, breathe and connect with their true selves. 

And to begin this journey with us we've created this once-in-a-lifetime free event so you can connect, appreciate and experience all that we are offering in our Beyond Motherhood Oasis.


If you enjoy the incredible experience today we hope you'll continue your motherhood journey with us.

Despite what we are told...

Having a family is not easy, and in our current society, most of the workload of parenthood and home life falls on women. 

As a woman with a successful professional career whose world turned upside down when having my babies, I realised that the world is not elevating mothers who have had a successful professional life. 


Entering motherhood is one of your highest callings, however, it is also often a time of uncertainty, juggling different roles as a woman (mother, wife, daughter, friend…) it’s easy to lose your own identity. 


Many women, especially mums, carry a heavy sense of guilt about whatever choices we make (breastfeed vs bottle feed, go back to work or stay at home… to what type of food the children should eat, the list is endless), leaving little time to even think about investing in ourselves. 


Understanding that a mum prioritising herself only leads to a positive ripple effect!

Guilt & shame-free, 
I give you permission to enjoy your break because you deserve it.

Take the day off, or flow in and out of the online retreat day as needed, knowing you are fully supported within Beyond Motherhood's Oasis

During this glorious day you’ll:


  • Rediscover your identity so you can feel more like yourself again!

  • Create the capacity to be more present with your family.

  • Feel joyous and alive with passion

  • Re-ignite your sex life and bring you closer to your partner

  • Find your purpose and even create your legacy!

Activate your highest self and embrace your limitless potential








... of the highest value education from outstanding experts in the field of health and wellbeing.

So you can melt back into you, reconnect and reveal your inner self-compassion.
Discover the energetic processes that allow me to elevate women’s experiences of motherhood, guiding them to uncover their essence, their soul and inner compass.

Let us hold your hand through the process!

During the day we’ll be interviewing and talking with other highly successful women, who are also mothers, not only to inspire, and gather insights, but also so you know that you are not alone!

“I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers there is.”

– Oprah Winfrey

DISCOVER in one special day - how to reignite your essence, your core self… the one you thought you left behind.

Meet your host


Mara Kazantzaki is The Motherhood Architect and the founder of Beyond Motherhood. 


Mara is the best in the world at elevating women's experience of motherhood, guiding them to uncover their essence, their soul, and inner compass.


A highly successful corporate professional, she realised that the world of motherhood was not being elevated for those who have been successful in their professional life. 


Mara took it into her own hands and is now inspiring women to break free from the traditional notion of motherhood and change the way mothers are being supported. 


With a background in Psychology and Communications blended with the highest level of Yoga Education, Mara founded Beyond Motherhood, the place where mothers are free to safely pause, breathe, tap into their inner core, and redefine their identity.


Mara lives with her husband and their two boys in a leafy part of North London, UK

"I dream of a time when it doesn’t matter if you are a mum or dad; when there are no expectations, conditioning, or false guilt attached to either of the roles and therefore, the parents are happy and the children are happy."

Mara Kazantzaki

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Our In-House Experts

Guest Speakers

Parenting Expert, Speaker, Author, Mother

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Mind Coach, Speaker, Tapping Expert, Author,

Serial Entrepreneur, Communities Leader, Beyond Motherhood Ambassador, Mother


Feminine Empowerment, Transformational, Tantra Coach, Mother


Hypnotherapist, Mystical Curator, Writer, Communities Leader, Coach

Thanks to our Sponsors

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Why do mothers easily lose track of themselves and
their own personal identities

Because they leave less and less time for themselves. Due to lack of support,

community, conditioning, societal pressure, that all lead to false guilt!

If you value quality time with your family

Without always running on an empty cup... You need to offer quality time to yourself first

So you can feel happy, relaxed, joyful, and present and your family will feel the same

It all starts with you

To do that you need to take time to “fill up your cup”!
Discover some simple, yet highly effective modalities to start with today!

Come away from the day feeling renewed, re-energised, and ready to create your legacy

"Mara Kazantzaki is the epitome of calm, stretched out and wrapped in a warm smile that exudes strength, vulnerability, and resourcefulness.
As a storyteller, her words can envelop you and bring you into her experience as if you were with her the moment each element occurred.

As an expert, you feel her power and her patience as she creates ways to share ideas, solutions, and encouragement exactly as you need to receive it.

If you haven’t experienced Mara yet, you are delaying access to a phenomenal being."

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